About me

Hello, I'm Ben Crittenden

Ben Crittenden is owner/operator of Crittenden Guitars. Crittenden attended Galloup School of Lutherie in Big Rapids, Michigan. The school specializes in teaching the art of building guitars. He refined his craft under the apprenticeship of jazz guitar luthier, Robert Benedetto. Benedetto archtop guitars, produced in Savannah, Georgia, have been played by renowned jazz greats for nearly 50 years. After a three-year apprenticeship, Crittenden returned home to the Magnolia State. He set up shop in historic Ebenezer, Mississippi. Crittenden specializes in high-end archtop guitars, custom or specialty guitars, and guitar restoration. His company’s mission is to build aesthetically pleasing, unique, hand-carved, and hand-finished guitars with a rich tone, focusing mainly on craftsmanship, aesthetic and tone.


Here are some images of my current work. Please click an image below to see the full version.


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